Oman Thoracic Conference 2017 Opens at SQU

Oman Thoracic Conference 2017 started at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) today under the auspices of Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al- Saeedi, Minister of Health.

The 2-day conference aims to provide an integrated scientific program for professionals in the field of pulmonary, respiratory, thoracic and sleep medicine.

Dr. Nasser Al Busaidi

Dr. Nasser Al Busaidi

Dr. Nasser al- Busaidi, Chairman of Oman Respiratory Society delivered a speech where he said that the conference provides delegates with the opportunity to meet and listen to local, regional and international experts in the field of respiratory medicine. This will increase the level of care provided to respiratory diseases patients in the Sultanate.

He added that some respiratory common diseases result in absenteeism from work and school. He noted that many developments have been made in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases.

The conference also aims at raising the awareness pf physician and health professionals, especially those involved in providing primary care in the Sultanate.

The scientific program of the conference included lectures, seminars, workshops and abstracts on topics related to asthma, obstructive chronic lung, high pulmonary blood pressure, lung disease, lung cancer, pulmonary infections, sleep medicine and tests of lung function and other diseases.

Oman Thoracic 2017 Conference to begin today


OMAN THORACIC Conference 2017 will begin at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) under the auspices of HE Dr Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al Sa’eedi, Minister of Health, on Thursday. The two-day conference aims to provide an integrated scientific program for professionals in the yield of pulmonary, respiratory, thoracic and sleep medicine. The conference is organized by Oman Respiratory Society and SQU College of Medicine and Health Sciences and Hospital, in collaboration with the Royal Hospital. The scientific program of the conference includes the latest lectures and seminars.


OT 2017 Workshop Programs 12 Jan 2017

Non-Invasive Ventilation Workshop

Fees 5 OMR for each workshop. Please note both workshops are happening at the same time so delegates can register in only one
NIV workshop  20 doctors (non-interns) and 10 nurses
PFT workshop 20 doctors (non-interns) and 10 nurses
Seats is limited, please register online from here
15.15 – 15.35Physiology of VentilationDr. Nabil Al Lawati
15.35 – 15.55NIV in Clinical PracticeDr. Zulfikar Habibulla

Pulmonary Function Test Workshop

15.15 – 15.35
 Spirometry Interpretation
Dr. Saif Al Mubaihsi
15.35 – 15.55
Lung Volumes and Diffusion
Dr. Jayakrishnan

“Burden of asthma in Oman” a new review article puplished in May 2015 in SQUMJ from Department of Chest Medicine; Royal Hospital

ABSTRACT: Asthma is a common lung disease worldwide, although its prevalence varies from country to country. Oman is ranked in the intermediate range based on results from the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood. A 2009 study revealed that the majority of asthmatic patients in Oman reported both daytime and nocturnal symptoms, while 30% of adults and 52% of children reported absences from work or school due to their symptoms. Despite these findings, there is little data available on the economic burden of asthma in Oman. The only accessible information is from a 2013 study which concluded that Oman’s highest asthma-related costs were attributable to inpatient (55%) and emergency room (25%) visits, while asthma medications contributed to less than 1% of the financial toll. These results indicate a low level of asthma control in Oman, placing a large economic burden on healthcare providers. Therefore, educating asthmatic patients and their families should be prioritised in order to improve the management and related costs of this disease within Oman.

Launching Oman Respiratory Society website

Oman Respiratory Society President Message

Dr. Nasser Al BusaidiIt gives us a great pleasure to welcome you to our website.  We encourage you to take a moment to explore it and we are confident that you will find it helpful to you, as medical personnel, patients and caregivers.

Oman Respiratory Society since its inception is determined to spread awareness about the diverse respiratory ailments not only at the health care personnel level but also at the public and societal levels. . We are hoping that this website can be used as a tool to showcase our past and future activities and serve as an informative and educational tool.

On behalf of the Society, I would like to thank all our supporters that continue to contribute to the Society, in an effort to help the patients who are in need of a better health.  I would also like to view this website as a platform to encourage further contributions from individuals and organizations into benefiting more patients and raising the level of health standards in the Sultanate.

Welcome to Oman Respiratory Society….. Your society.

Dr. Nasser Al Busaidi,

President, Oman Respiratory Society.